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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Following the trademark issues with Zen Mobile, Asus may delay Zenfone 6 in India

zenfone 6 delayed

Zen Mobile (do not get confused with Zenfone), an Indian Telecare Network Pvt Ltd claims that the word "Zen" is the trademark of its company registered with the Government of India since 2008. Following the trademark of Zen Mobiles, the Delhi High Court blocks the Taiwan-based tech giant company Asus, saying that it can not sell its products in India under the word "Zen".

Earlier, Asus announced the launch of ZenFone 6 in India which was scheduled on June 19. The partners' retailer websites of the Asus indicated the same date. Since the court has temporarily blocked the company due to legal issues, now the company seems to have postponed the launch date of Zenfone 6 in the country.

The evidence presented in the court by the Telecare Network confirmed that Zen Mobile has been selling mobile phones under the company's brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan since 2008.

Asus states, Zen is a common term associated to Buddhism, which can be used by anyone. However, the company has failed to provide convincing pieces of evidence before the humble court. The next hearing of the case is set to begin on July 10. Any smartphone, mobile accessories or other products under the word "Zen" might cause confusion in the minds of the public, says Zen mobile.

If they fail to clarify the situation before the court, then Asus may rebrand Zenfone, as the company will not have any other choice to sell its products having the prefix "zen". Asus is currently working with the Delhi High Court to resolve the legal issues that caused the company to delay the Zenfone 6 in the country.

After making a final decision on the trademark issue, the company is expected to announce more details about Zenfone brand.


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