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Saturday, June 8, 2019

The rebranded phone of ZenFone 6 to arrive in India as 'Asus 6z' on June 19

asus 6z

Taiwanese tech giant and innovation driven company Asus was recently hit by a Delhi High court order over the trademark issues that prohibited it from selling or advertising the products with the Zen branding. The court ruling led the company to chose the only left option i.e Asus 6z. Now ZenFone 6 will be launched as Asus 6z.

The most recent page of e-commerce unicorn website Flipkart, a separate page designed to serve the ZenFone 6, has listed the it as Asus 6z. However, the official website of the company still sticks with ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) coming soon.

We were able to independently verify the Flipkart page and it shows a message "Launch on June 19", which means that Asus 6z will be launched in the country on the same date as there are no trademark issues with 6Z. Asus has launched several electronic products in India before its rebranded phone.

The specifications and 'overview' mentioned on the Flipkart are the same as shown for ZenFone 6. Flipkart's page has made our verification process easier because the 6z URL includes "asus-zenfone-6-launch" keyword combinations.

As the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary with ZenBook edition 30, what options the company choose and how is it going to deal the newly introduced laptops with the Zen branding. All these questions will be unveiled on next hearing starting from July 10.

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