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Friday, June 21, 2019

Crime Branch Kashmir burst a fake online shopping gang

online shopping gang burst

Pete Linforth / Pixabay

The Kashmir crime branch burst a fake online shopping gang that was fraudulently acting to be employees of the e-commerce giant Naaptol and Government-led financial body State Bank of India. The suspected scammers have been identified upon receiving a complaint from a local resident, Greater Kashmir reports.

The written complaint reveals that the victim was initially targeted by an unknown caller. During the investigations conducted the state crime branch, it has been revealed that fraudsters asked the victim to deposit Rs. 23,05588 in ten different installments to their given bank accounts.

Unfortunately, the victim deposited the above-mentioned amount into fraudster's bank accounts, and the gang members has managed to steal hard-earned-money of the complainant amounting INR23,05588 ($33155).

The written complaint submitted to the Kashmiri crime department further indicates that the complainant has received a text message from a mobile number located in Bihar Telecom circle, informing him that the victim has won a lucky prize of Rs. 12,80,000 and a Tata Safari vehicle from Naaptol, Greater Kashmir reports.

The gang members have been identified as residents of Mumbai, Bihar and other Indian states. However, it has not yet been confirmed how many people are affected by this scam.


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