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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Firefox to launch a premium level subscription before the end of the year

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Firefox, a free open source web browser available across all major operating systems, including Android and windows, announced that it will introduce a new subscription with premium features, TechRadar quotes the T3N report.

The Firefox CEO Chris Beard unveiled the company's plan while talking to T3N. He confirmed the premium features have been set to launch in October 2019. The current features offered by the company will remain free across all operating systems.

Advanced features will be completely optional and will not affect the user's budget. Users can choose whether to switch between the premium version or the free version.

The premium features include storage solution, VPN and much more. The company unveils the VPN will be offered in two subscriptions; a free and a premium one. Free VPNs will also offer the same advanced features, but only for a specified bandwidth.

As we know, the Opera Desktop web browser offers a free VPN for the user, but by default, it's disabled, which requires users' authentication. The firefox's virtual private connection (VPN) could come with not-seen-before browser security, such as traffic encryption and anti-tracking tools.

Mozilla recently released a latest version of the software that blocks Google Analytics by default. When asking why the company blocks the analytics, Mozilla explained that the this setting has been intentionally added to the software in order to keep users' data safe and secure, SEJ reports.

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