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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Google silently introduces 'Related Searches' for Images

Google has quietly added new features called "related searches", making it easy to find related images on Google. Like a related blog post, Google has now added related keyword terms to Google Images searches. This feature will enable users to find relevant images for which they are looking for.

This feature is already available for Google searches that you can find at the bottom of search results pages, however, now it has been added to "images searches" which looks a little different than the "google keyword suggestions". The company had already added related keyword search, which you can find at the top of the image search page to find related photos on the platform.

As you might have noticed, this feature enables us to find related images by clicking on single keywords available  horizontally at the top of the page. The new feature is more reliable and easier than regular searches as it helps the users find related photos associated to the search queries done by the a searcher.

The new photo search functionality is available among the images you search on Google. 2 to 7 or more keywords (keyword phrases) are available on Google Photos Search. It can only have 2-3 keywords depending on the search query.

It is not yet confirmed whether this feature is also available on mobile devices.

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