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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Huawei's trade ban is coming to an end, now able to trade with US companies

huawei ban

Last month, the US president Mr. Donald Trump added the Chinese tech firm Huawei to the trade blacklist over the security concerns. And since then, the company claims that the US ban has caused a major loss in Huawei's business.

During the US ban, the company also managed to achieve a massive number of 5G commercial contracts from the non-US countries. However, this is not enough to lift the shattered company from the grounds of China. Therefore, US President Donald Trump has confirmed that US companies are allowed to sell their products to Huawei.

During the '2019 G20 Osaka Summit', Trump and President Xi Jinping reached an agreement stating the trade negotiations will be resumed between the two countries. It seems Huawei will now be able to buy US goods in the coming weeks. The exact date for the removal of the ban was not confirmed.

The recent trade war has not only boiled China but also affected the US companies by restricting them from trading with Chinese tech firms. The company from both sides will breathe again as the president has issued a new statement.

According to the BBC, Trump had threatened an additional $300bn (£236bn) in tariffs on Chinese imports. But, it is not confirmed yet whether Trump's decision will remain constructive, or the two leaders will resolve the issue at the ongoing G20 summit in Japan.


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