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Friday, June 28, 2019

Nokia warns UK over using Huawei's Telecoms Kit in 5G race


Hermann Traub / Pixabay

Nokia warns the UK that it should not allow Chinese tech firm Huawei to deploy its equipment in the country. Pointing to the vulnerabilities in Huawei's telecoms kit, the Finnish company warned that Huawei's 5G telecoms kit could pose a threat to the 5G network, reports BBC.

Nokia recently revealed that the company has received more than 30 commercial contracts during the 5G race. At the same time, Chinese next-generation equipment supplier Huawei ranked top achieving the 50 commercial contracts of 5G worldwide. Besides Nokia, Ericsson is also leading in 5G development and has managed to obtain 18 contracts.

According to the BBC report published on June 28, Nokia's Chief technology officer Marcus Weldon said: "the pressure from the US was serving as a counterbalance to unfair financial advantages that Huawei had enjoyed in the past".

In a conversation with the BBC, Mr. Marcus Weldon further stated that "It's fairness returning to the market".

This is the first time we have seen Nokia slamming the Chinese firm Huawei, claiming that Huawei's telecoms kit come with vulnerabilities. At the same time, Nokia also claims that its equipment is "a safer bet" for mobile operators.

Earlier, the US government also warned the UK over deploying Huawei's equipment in the construction of the 5G network but, the warning went unconstructive, as the Europen country did not restrict the company from participating in the UK's 5G development.


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