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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Telegram suffered a major cyber attack, the app remained down across the globe


Encrypted messaging app available on all platforms suffered a cyber attack this Wednesday that led the app to remain down for all users across the globe, according to the multiple sources.

The attack appeared to originate from China to disrupt the Hong Kong protest against the proposed extradition bill, which made the service unavailable for just a little over an hour. Later, the company CEO explained the nature of the attack in his tweet, according to the Business Standard.

The nature of the attack has been identified as a denial of service attack (DDoS), which temporarily interrupts the service by sending a massive number of malicious requests to the host that leads the server crash or unavailable.

Telegram is considered one of the safest apps that provides encrypted messaging service. However, despite being a secure platform, application servers were found vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Recent Denial-of-service attack determines the stability of telegram's host connected machines.

In the past, we have seen many cyber-attacks and privacy incidents. So, it sounds unusual when we find someone criticizing other services. Tech firms will need to work hard towards their user's privacy because cybercriminals are actively exploiting hidden vulnerabilities, as history witnessed.

Pavel Durov, the CEO of telegram criticized the WhatsApp in May, saying that users data of the Instant messaging App is accessible to hackers. To recall, the Facebook-owned messaging App WhatsApp suffered a privacy breach that compromised the privacy of 1.5 billion users. The incident was linked to an Israeli spyware software developer NSO group.

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