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Friday, June 21, 2019

Xiaomi announces Meitu-branded CC9 series phone

Xiaomi cc9 series

Xiaomi is continuously manufacturing latest flagships to raise an emerging tech giant, and this time, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun informed about a new series of smartphone CC9, which is expected to be followed by the Mi brand. Since the company acquired Meitu last year, this is the first time that Chinese smartphone manufacturer has announced the said series.

The expected handsets are going to be introduced as Mi CC9 and Mi CC9e. Although the company has not revealed satisfactory details about the CC9 series, according to the company's latest announcement, these devices will be a camera and aesthetic-centric phones and will be beautified by the flip-up camera and stunning design that will be primarily introduced to meet the needs of the younger generation.

Proud to be young - the secret behind the CC9 name defines "color and creativity," while the numbers in the CC9 name reveal the company's nine-year history, Lei Jun added.

It is worth mentioning that the CC9 series will be developed by a team of the art students “Chic & Cool”. The name "Chic & Cool" itself defines the CC9 series, and it is likely to be designed with the help of multiple scientific concepts involving art and technology altogether, PhoneSpeck has learned.

Keeping the abstract in view, Mr. Lei added the new phone will have a new aesthetics concept of “Xiaomi X Meitu AI Aesthetics Lab". Rumors also suggest that smartphones will be equipped with Meitu camera technology acquired last year by Xiaomi.

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