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Friday, July 19, 2019

Don't compare Hongmeng OS with Android, Huawei says

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After several weeks of whispers, Huawei has officially confirmed that its in-house mobile operating system Hongmeng OS is intended to be used for industrial purposes only, not to replace Android, which has a broad range of features than Hongmeng OS.

Huawei's board member and senior vice president Catherine Chen revealed at a media roundtable in Brussels that Hongmeng OS is still under development and will only be used for business purposes instead of replacing Android on its futures smartphones as reported earlier.

The recently trademarked OS Hongmeng will be used by IT professionals and companies for modeling their businesses, and we have never thought of being it used as an alternative to Android, she stated.

The senior vice president further said that Hongmeng OS has extremely low latency and contains fewer lines of codes compared to smartphone operating system like Google and Open Handset Alliance-developed OS Android, which contains the huge size of source code.

The in-house OS has been in development a long time before the Huawei was banned by the US government over national security concerns, she added.

In the past months, it was said China's telecommunications equipment giant Huawei is developing its own OS for Android replacement, but later, the reports suggested that Huawei trademarked its in-house mobile operating system with European Union Intellectual Property Office. As part of the US ban, Hongmeng OS was being covered as an Android alternative to Huawei's mobile phones because there were no official statements released by the company.


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