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Monday, July 29, 2019

Google Newsstand closed, the service permanently merged with Google News

Google Newsstand closed

A few days ago, the search engine giant Google shut down Google Play Newsstand permanently and migrated it to another news serive. The site was first launched in 2013, but last year on May 8, Google announced at Google I/O that its news aggregator will be migrated to Google News.

Since its shutdown announcement, the site was live till July, however, a few days before when one of our editors tried to access the news library at, the site redirected to

This is not the only product that Google closed, the internet giant has previously discontinued a lot of apps and websites in its history, making it the top tech giant with a good track record of closing the services. Google+, Google Map Maker, Blog Compass, Pixate, and other many other services are the example of the digital Graveyard.

Launched in 2002, Google News is a comprehensive news aggregator that organizes a variety of magazines more efficiently. According to Google, the new service is more reliable and advanced compared to its old Newsstand.

Despite its proven track record in closing services, Google has also made new improvements across its products. The dynamic tech giant is constantly working on new software and products that meet consumers demand.

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