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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Google rolling out redesigned News tab for quality search results

google news tab

Google, the search giant not only powers the web, but silently introducing new features to its products. The search giant has also closed its some products due to business failure. One of its discontinued services is Google+ that was closed in April 2019. This time, the multinational technology company Google is redesigning News tab on desktop search.

Tech giants are constantly working on their platform to create new designs for several reasons. Recently, we saw Google silently introducing related search under the image tab. But this time the things are been redesigned for the reader's convenience. Yes, you heard it right. Google is refreshing News tab for the desktop search that will transform the old News tab into a carousel design for rich results.

According to an announcement made by the Google News Initiative on July 11, the refreshed News tab on the desktop search is intended to highlight the recent stories more prominently. The feature is aimed at to show the news articles inside a carousel that allows Google to organize articles more clearly, the tweet reads.

When you search for a specific news article on Google, the articles appear as "Top stories", but clicking the News tab displays the same articles as regular search results. Once the redesigned news tab is rolled out, regular search results will be displayed along with the image, video (if available) and the publishers' name.


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