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Monday, July 29, 2019

Huawei Mate X to pass a series of tests before reaching the market, says He Gang

Huawei Mate X

Chinese smart device maker Huawei does not want to make the mistakes like Samsung that led the South Korean smartphone manufacturer to cancel Foldable phone after launching it publicly. Smartphone makers do not seem to be in a hurry, and now, it's clear that they are considering to launch foldable phones after passing a series of tests.

Following the company's stringent and high-quality requirements regarding the hardware stability of its foldable 5-connected smartphone, the director of Huawei's consumer business mobile phones He Gang has confirmed the company will not release the Mate X until it is not fully optimized for the market.

Huawei would prefer to make its Mate X phone more anticipated than launching it in rush, the director added. He further stated that if it does not meet the company's expected quality requirements, it will not let the Mate X enter the market.

When asked about the progress of Mate X, He Gang said in a conversation with Chinese news agency that the company has invested heavily in the development of its 5-connected mobile phone, so any problem or hardware issue if found in Mate X, will be fixed cautiously before bringing the device to the market.

He Gang said that Huawei is committed to high-quality products that consumers love. For us, considering an earlier release is not a key point. The key point we consider is to honor what meets consumers expectations. the report read.


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