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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Jio launches Digital Udaan Initiative to train first-time internet users in India

Jio digital udaan

Jio, LTE Mobile network operator has started a new program in India to teach first-time internet users how things work on the internet. Digital Udaan, the name of this digital literacy initiative, has been started in partnership with social media giant Facebook.

Program Digital Literacy initiative will guide the first-time Internet users about Jio phone features, use of important apps and Facebook security. Digital Udaan is primarily designed to help Indian users gain knowledge of technology, Android apps, and cybersecurity.

The company will deliver the training sessions every Saturday. Training sessions include visual contents, such as videos and information brochures. The program will feature highly advanced studies that are aimed at to uproot the digital illiteracy in the country.

According to the reports, the Jio's Director and its marketing strategist, Akash Ambani said in a statement that the purpose of this program is to educate people from three angles: education, information, and entertainment. No Indian will be left behind, he added.

Digital Udaan initiative is reportedly going to be available across the country in different regional languages, Digital Literacy, however, will only reach a few cities and will start a broader rollout in the upcoming weeks/months.


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