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PhoneSpeck, formerly known as 'English TechLekhak' or is a sister project of that covers each story in simple English and aims to bring the latest technological updates using unbiased & understandable authorship.

Welcome to the PhoneSpeck. A place for Tech lovers who are addicted to Technology and tech-based contents.

Here are the topics we discuss on

  1. Internet: All internet tips and tricks that actually work for you.
  2. Technology: 21st century's all in one top-rated tech products.
  3. Gadgets: Gadgets that you need from the beginning to anywhere and anytime.
  4. Business: When our mission is to grow your knowledge, we also try to provide business related stuff so that you can beat your opposite sides in this competitive era.
  5. Android: We can't live without having a smartphones in our hands. And even more Smartphone Apps, tools, tips and tricks have made a lot of entertainment in our lives. We strive to keep you up to the dated about Android Smartphones.
  6. iPhone/iPad: Have you ever asked someone that what an iPhone could do? Maybe, you are still looking for the same question. We have already published a few articles about iPhone/iPad that may boost your productivity. But wait! that's not the end of our stuff. In the upcoming time, i bet you will find exclusive iPhone/iPad tips, tricks, and Gadgets that may rock your world.
  7. Social Media: We are tech-addicted and how is it possible for us to live without social media? We provide great deals, tips, tricks and other useful stuff about social media so that you can use SM as you wish.
  8. Computers: Do you need to hire a technical expert who can configure and correct your computer errors? I don't think so. We share great stuff about computers to make your broken and useless desktop/Laptop as Google's supercomputer.
  9. Reviews: Confusion in deciding what to buy and what not to? Don't worry! We are a community of friends who love to give beneficial suggestion. Last week, we decided to write reviews about the things that matter to you.
  10. Networking: Whether it is computer networking or Internet networking. We will always keep writing about networking related tutorials with practical results.

Editorial Team

Although our team is not so big enough, but we've a few of guys of journalism standards. Hear is the list of our team who crafted, created, launched and polished


Rayees Ahmad - is the co-founder and senior editor at He is a person living in the age of technology.


Aatif Sheeraz - is an emerging Journalist who completed his degree in journalism from Kashmir University. To break the silence of technology news at, He joined us in April 2019.


Farooq Ahmad Bhat - is the creator and CEO of We often call him "Code Ninja" as he also looks after the security patterns, site design, and SEO elements. The site has at the helm Farooq Ahmad, the founder of the site who led with determination and vision to its ongoing stage.


For any query, question, OR feedback, please send us an email at admin (at) You can also shot us a message by visiting the contact page.

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